Beloved by generations, Mt. Tam is a treasure of our local landscape, an ongoing source of natural beauty, fresh air and water, recreation, contemplative activity and inspiration to the Marin County, San Francisco, and greater Bay Area communities.

Held at the historic Mountain Theater, a 4000-seat stone amphitheater set high atop the mountain with stunning views of San Francisco Bay, Mount Tam Jam is at once a celebration of and a benefit for Mount Tamalpais State Park, a creative response to the well-publicized California State Parks budget crisis here in our own backyard, sponsored by the Tamalpais Conservation Club.

Mount Tam Jam will be the first major concert event on Mt. Tam's slopes in decades. The venue also celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, as the Mt. Tam celebrates its 85th anniversary as a State Park.

So, why a Jam on Tam?

The ample government funding that has in large part sustained Mt. Tam and hundreds of other State Parks for nearly a century is a thing of the past. It has become increasingly clear that direct support from innovative partnerships such as ours is key to preserving the legacy of our parks, a reality just recently acknowledged by Anthony Jackson, the new Director of California State Parks.

Profits from Mount Tam Jam will go towards funding a broad range of sorely needed resources, from ranger and maintenance services to equipment for trail and bridge restoration and more expedient emergency response. In so doing, those resources will create ancillary benefit to other Marin County State Parks.

Our ultimate aim is to make Mount Tam Jam an annual, sustainable revenue source, a festive event that honors the spirit of the mountain, its legacy, and its many gifts. We hope it will also serve as a template for other grassroots efforts to save and sustain State parks throughout California.

So, come join us for a day of great music and merriment a bit closer to the clouds and help Mt. Tam continue to nourish and inspire. Consider your presence at Mount Tam Jam some good deed doing for a very special place in the neighborhood.

Tam Jam Village

Explore — Discover — Participate

Mount Tam Village brings together each of the major land management agencies in Marin County along with several key local conservation and environmental organizations under one stunning setting 2000 feet above the Bay.

The Village is more than just a place to pick up a brochure or do a quick meet and greet. It is an educational and volunteer outreach effort to raise awareness of Marin's cultural legacy, the stewardship of its natural resources, the people who make it happen, and the ongoing challenges they face in so doing. By engaging you, the community, as participants in the process, we create greater potential for meeting and surmounting those challenges.

It is our hope and desire that you will see this as a different kind of music festival, one that encourages you to seek out new opportunities to participle in caring for the Earth. It is everyday people actively putting their love and passion into what matters to them who are and have always been the backbone of protecting this unique ecosystem. We encourage you to spend time in the Village and consider what you can do to get actively involved!

Tamalpais Conservation Club

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